Our Dream to End Hunger

With your support we provide daily school meals to over 200 children in our Greek school and are opening another school in Lebanon.  We are working to launch a sustainable garden and chicken coup in a village in Uganda.

A campaign led by refugee children living in Uganda both living in the village and refugee camp who have fled war in Sudan.

Uganda has hosted more refugees than any other African country with 1.3 million refugees in 2017, primarily from South Sudan and The Democratic Republic of the Congo. The additional mouths to feed have severely strained Uganda’s food resources, and both malnutrition and anemia run rampant in refugee settlements.

The most common foods in Uganda are matoke and posho, which are both very poor in vitamins. The lack of nutritious foods and balanced diets has led to high rates of malnutrition and related diseases such as vitamin deficiencies, stunting and anemia.

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