A Dream For Education

Sophia and the Strong Gens team, are on a mission to help young explore their passions, their purpose and in turn to feel their power. It was in a Greek refugee camp, that we found our first community in desperate need of positive change.

The most important part about the work that we do is to place the power back into the children’s hands. To re-ignite their sense of purpose, to enable them to feel seen and heard and to remind them that despite their current circumstances; they do matter. They can make meaningful and measurable change! Not only for themselves but also for others living in their community & the world around them.

Our Strong Gens – (short for stronger generations) are calling for access to education for them and their elders, we are facilitating this by building a school within the walls of the refugee camp.

A school that stands for peace, to enable communities to come to learn together.

We will be delivering a mixture of online classes delivered by Strong Gen International Tutors and local classes delivered by teachers in the camp.

Our Strong Gen dreamers have been busy designing a T-shirt range which show their personal dream, and we have just released our first collection.

Every sale will go to helping the children achieve their community dream: Access to education, with 100 percent of the profits being directed into the build.

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