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Our dream to make a difference and build a stronger generation was only born in Feb 2020/ not even a year old, so we are new kids on the block and on a mission to make things happen…and they are!!

Our first dream to give kids the chance of an education has been one hell of a journey but we have started with the building of the first school. We have moved mountains for this to happen. With your help we can give more children the future they deserve…..

Our mission

Our mission is to empower children who have been left feeling powerless by forces and circumstances outside of their control.
We want to help every child, in every community we work with, to feel the safety, nurture and love they need in order to not only survive but to thrive.
We work to protect and promote children’s rights and and ensure that every child has the ability to feel seen and heard.
We provide children with the tools that they need to develop the unique talents and skills that we believe all children possess and should be able to carry into adulthood.
By supporting children in this way, we believe that they will develop into strong future leaders of their communities,  generations who are able to succeed, inspire and care for one another, for many years to come.

We motivate and inspire

We believe children from ALL walks of life deserve a chance to feel happy, healthy and sustainable; which is why our work transcends borders, cultures and communities. It is critical to our future that we know how to get connected; not just to who we are as individuals; but also to each other.

We seek to motivate and inspire young people to create positive change in their community, enabling them to see that their effect on the micro can have far-reaching power and effect around the world.

We aim for our work, to not only empower the young minds of those whom we encounter but also to raise awareness to some of the social, political & economic issues that young people around the world are facing.

We want to establish a community of young leaders worldwide, each witnessing first hand their power to create meaningful and measurable positive change on the world.

Join us as we support the children of our future.

We All Have A Dream

Meet our team of Volunteers

We personally cover our own operating costs so that 100% of your donation goes directly to the community.


Sophia Wilmot-Josife

Music & Arts

Nathan Williams

Branding and partnership

Josh Abbott

PR & Marketing

Sebastian Downing

field operations

Ebrahim esmail

Ground Co-Ordinator, Greece

Hayat Rasid

Project Advisor

Anthony Williams

Project Advisor

Nicolas Buteau


Alex Mytton

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